AST and Ofsted reports on Patrick Allen's Teaching

AST Report:Patrick Allen



This is to confirm that the teacher named below has been assessed against the National Advanced Skills Teacher Standards by an assessor appointed by the Secretary of State for Education and Employment, and has been found to meet those standards in full and to be eligible for appointment to an Advanced Skills Teacher post


Name of Teacher: Patrick Richard Allen

School: lfield Community College

Name of Assessor: xxxxxxxxx

Date of Award: 12 September 2001


Mr Allen's pupils make excellent progress in lessons so that by the time they take GCSE they gain grades which are about one grade higher than those predicted based on attainment on entry to the school.  In particular, they learn to sing with an accuracy and level of commitment that is quite exceptional.


Mr Allen's work at national level is a testament to his understanding of his pupils and the way in which they learn.  He has a deep love of his subject, as well as an excellent understanding of how pupils relate to it, what will enthuse them and how to broaden their appreciation of music.  He uses information and communications technology extensively in his lessons.


Mr Allen's lessons are carefully planned to build on his pupils' prior attainment, to develop their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills, and above all, to make music enjoyable for them.  He is very skilful in using their interests to act as a base for the development of a deeper understanding.  He uses the musical ability of all his pupils well, reaching the very high standards necessary for performance in national and international venues.


His flair and creativity are truly exceptional, and Mr Allen's pupils respond very well to his lessons.  A particular inspiration is his use of singing to develop an excellent understanding of how music is constructed, for example: in understanding the nature of polyphony.  Pupils and parents alike speak of the inspiration he has been to them and to the school, and of the sheer enjoyment he brings to the learning process.  He has been very successful in working with pupils who have special educational needs, or who are gifted and talented.


Mr Alien quickly recognises his pupils' needs, and uses his excellent teaching skills to meet them so that his pupils exceed expectations.  More formally, his assessments are both accurate and perceptive so that they inform his future planning very well.  He has an excellent understanding of how national curriculum levels are used in music.


Mr Allen's work with other teachers, both in music and in other areas of the curriculum, is a particular strength.  He has given excellent support to teachers who are near the beginning of their careers; they speak very highly of his ability to point them constructively in the right direction.  He is used extensively by a teacher training institution and is regularly invited to speak at conferences at national level.


1 have no reservations therefore in recommending Mr Patrick Allen for the Advanced Skills Teacher status.



Ofsted Report September 2000. (Read the full report)


“Music teaching is of a high calibre and some is quite exceptional.  It is marked by high expectations and a conviction that all students can achieve.”


“Leadership and management of the faculty are exemplary.  The head of faculty has a clear vision for the direction of the department and has inspired his colleagues.  The work of the department is regularly and systematically monitored, and the class teachers, instrumental teachers and classroom assistant all have a shared vision and commitment to raise standards.  The department contributes much to the ethos of the college and provides an exemplary model of high quality teaching, learning, leadership and management.”


“Students receive a first rate education in singing, and benefit from lessons covering a broad spectrum of choral works, ranging from Palestrina to contemporary popular music.”


“Advanced Level (GCE) success is impressive, and results are above the national average.”


“Students enjoy music lessons and develop positive attitudes to their learning.  The responses of higher and lower attaining students are equally positive.”


Ofsted Report. December 2002(Read the full Report)


“Standards in music are high.  Pupils across the ability range achieve well in music.”

“The number of A*-C grades is more than double the school average.  There is an equal number of boys and girls following the GCSE course.”


“Teaching is very good; teachers' subject knowledge and understanding are excellent; the best teaching is inspirational, motivating pupils to achieve high standards.”


“Music makes a very strong contribution to pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”


“The head of department provides excellent leadership, a clear sense of vision and commitment to music education in its widest sense.”



AST Assessment (September 2001) Read the full report.


“His flair and creativity are truly exceptional”


“Pupils and parents alike speak of the inspiration he has been to them and to the school, and of the sheer enjoyment he brings to the learning process.”


“Mr Allen's work at national level is a testament to his understanding of his pupils and the way in which they learn.”