Composing Matters

Composing Matters is an integrated resource consisting of a pupil book, teacher’s resource file and a CD/CDROM. It comprises 25 composing projects, with supporting teacher’s notes and support material on a combined audio CD/CD Rom.

The pupil book contains the projects, in full colour, as well as support material and advice for pupils. The teacher’s resource file contains games and warm-up exercises to help with improvisation and project work; skills-based mini projects, with accompanying teacher's notes, to help  pupils to develop key skills; templates for assessment based around the National Curriculum.


The CD Rom :

  • contains musical works from existing composers;

  • provides over 50 MIDI-files to help  pupils to improvise and compose, which are linked to improvisation frameworks in the Teacher's File.

  • contains 70 MP3-files and 22 audio tracks to support the projects and the composing process, as well as 3 videos for pupils to set to music.  

composing matters big

“In time this resource will hopefully find its way into most music departments, mainly because of its excellent projects. Teachers will save hours of preparation time by using the teaching notes in the Teacher’s Resource File and the frameworks and guidelines for assessment.”

“The CD Rom is brilliantly devised, including many examples of composition from a variety of sources, musical backings as MIDI and audio files for improving compositions, and even video clips as stimuli for composing”.

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