Feedback on Outreach Work

In-service and training feedback


Dorset March 2002

“Thank You for the wonderful workshop. It was very inspiring and really helpful to all the participants. I’ve had several phone calls expressing their appreciation. Thanks for making it relaxed and fun”


Solihull June 2002

“Patrick Allen was brilliant! Cool, calm and inspirational”

“It brought out so many ideas that could be used in many different aspects of my work-very inspiring.”

“Brilliant presentation by Patrick. Most inspiring.”


Hull LEA June 2002

“The participants are unanimous in their praise of the course”

“The pace and variety were excellent”


Solihull June 2003

“Working with Patrick was brilliant”

“A wonderful day”

“Patrick has a way of delivering courses which is enjoyable and encouraging to mere mortals like myself.”

“He discusses REAL classroom situations and the ways he has encouraged REAL pupils to make music”

“Singing Matters and Composing Matters have been a real inspiration to me and have

given me the enthusiasm to enjoy my planning and preparation”


Oldham LEA. April 2003

“The session was highly entertaining, informative and thought provoking”


Tameside LEA. January 2003

“Excellent day in a relaxed atmosphere”

“This was the best and most useful music course I have been on in 15 years of teaching”

“Excellent information delivered in a friendly and useful manner”


Renfrewshire LEA May 2003

“The day will completely transform how I teach composing”

“Very useful and stimulating course”

“It has given me many ideas which I can now take forward”

“Surpassed my expectations-highly effective and emotive””

“Patrick Allen was an excellent choice and inspiration”


Sfe March/April 2003

“The training was a huge success. Your mixture of humour, enthusiasm and familiarity with the nature of the subject instantly came across to delegates and it’s hard not to be inspired by your effective classroom activities and stimulating ideas.” (Sfe course leader)

“This is the best course I’ve been on”

“How refreshing-he knows what it’s like and is very realistic.”

“Patrick Allen is a god”


Sussex University April 2003


“I was really inspired by the pupils’ performances and their readiness to get up and sing in front of people (and with obvious enthusiasm)”

“Now I feel more confident to give things a try”

“The workshop was highly relevant and really inspirational”

“Patrick’s workshop was really stimulating”

“The session was excellent and I was really inspired by the boys singing-even in a school where you would not expect that”.

“It is all so readily applicable to the classroom. The things suggested are actually quite simple and do work”



“How To Raise Achievement and Motivation in KS3 Music” Course. London Hilton, Euston. September 2005


“The best course I’ve ever been on. Absolutely fantastic. Very inspirational”


“Totally practical, excellent ideas and so relevant to everyday teaching.”

“Just the refresher I needed.”

“Helpful and realistic ideas which could be applied immediately.”


Kirklees LEA Nov. 2005


“Fun, accessible to all and excellent presentation skills.”

“Superb! Could have carried on all day.

“Excellent ideas to do in school. –good build up – no embarrassment.”

“Excellent, informative and inspirational day.”


Singing Masterclass with secondary pupils. Sussex University. March 2006.

“It has made me more confident…and determined to encourage boys to sing.”

“It was great to see all the boys singing. Thank you for a very interesting and informative morning.”

“It was refreshing to see pupils engaged and enjoying music”

“All the pupils were really enthusiastic and enjoyed the singing.”


Composing Matters.  Masterclass for Music Teachers. London July 2006

“Inspiring and fun”

“Very good pace, very relaxed but still all the objectives were met”

“Excellent delivery. Very relevant materials and topics covered”

“The whole day has been very informative and enjoyable”

“All sessions were valuable because they were practical and enjoyable.”

“Good resources that can be used straight away