Other publications

Music Suite (2003)

Jointly authored with Chris Hiscock, David O’Neale and Robert Kwami, Music Suite is an interactive CD ROM resource produced by Online Classics and Ultraviolet design in Autumn 2003. The software, which consists of 7 projects, uses Macromedia Flash as an interactive and creative tool in presenting the projects, which are closely  related to  QCA schemes of work. Patrick authored the unit on Form and Structure


bandc blues Music Suite front newmm

New Music Matters 11-14 (book 1)

ISBN - 0435810901

Patrick contributed the composition and arrangement "On the Road"

Bluebirds and Crows (National Association of Music Educators)ISBN 0 9505789-3-2


Article: Finding The perfect Song – a look at classroom repertoire (pp 30-32)

This publication from NAME provides a collection of articles by those with deep experience in the field of vocal work with children and young people. It is a mixture of research-based study and thoughtful practical experience.

Expert reading/advisory/editorial work

Culture in Action series . Heinemann (2010).

Patrick was the expert reader/consultant on all the music volumes

World of Music (series) Heinemann Library

Patrick was the expert reader and consultant on all volumes

History of American Music (Heinemann Library)

Patrick was the expert reader and consultant on all volumes

wom 9781410939166

Published Articles


NAME  Magazine (National Association of Music Educators) No.2 1999

Singing Really Matters!

NAME  Magazine (National Association of Music Educators) No 12 2004

Are Public Examinations Damaging Music Education? (pp15-17)

WSCC Teaching and Learning in the Arts, West Sussex County Council 2003

“Creating A Singing Environment in School” in Creating Success

NAME  Magazine (National Association of Music Educators) No.19 2007

Motivating Students to Sing (pp12-13)

NAME  Magazine (National Association of Music Educators) No. 29 Spring 2010

What I Have Learned from the Mauritians (pp2-4)

SecEd Magazine :What I have Learned from the Chagossians October 14th 2010

Sussex Life Magazine: Singing the World December 2011

Music and Multiculturalism Conference. King's College London. March 2012:

Working with Chagossian Teenagers in Crawley

Narratives that Unmask Hegemony and Ideas for Creating Greater Equity in Education" ed. Lea (pub. Peter Lang. new York) 2012

"Working with Chagossian Teenagers in Crawley, England"


MUSIC MATTERS BBC Radio 3 (June 2011): Feature and interviews with Patrick about his work with Chagossian teenagers in Crawley


BBC Radio 3: Let the Peoples Sing Gala Concert: (October 2011) Broadcast of Patrick Allen conducting the Ifield Community College Choir. Broadcast contains interviews with Patrick Allen



BBC Radio 3 : Voices Now. March 2012. Live Broadcast from the Roundhouse in London of Patrick conducting the Ifield  Community College Choir