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Patrick Allen is an award winning teacher and author based in Crawley, West Sussex, England. He won the Times Educational Supplement Schoolbook Award for his book Singing Matters, and a Guardian Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School in 2004

Patrick Allen

He currently combines the roles of head of music and Chair of Arts  in a comprehensive school with outreach and advisory work all over the UK. Patrick teaches music across the age and ability range, organises concerts and workshops for young people, provides training and workshops for teachers  and manages an arts faculty. Patrick also writes for a variety of publishers and publications and his consultancy work includes working as a judge for the Teaching Awards Trust

He is known across the UK – and beyond - for his music classroom resources Singing Matters, Developing Singing Matters and Composing Matters, all published by Heinemann.  The popularity of these publications has seen him travel the country over the last 10 years providing support for hundreds of teachers in all sectors. Patrick has also contributed to a number of other important music education publications including work for UK government agencies .

As well as working in West Sussex schools, Patrick has provided INSET, training and advice for more than 20 local education authorities, national educational bodies (including the National Association of Music Educators and The Scottish Association for Music Education), universities, training providers and music education services ranging from the Halle orchestra to the Scottish Qualifications Authority and the Department of Education

Patrick became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2001, and his teaching has been judged 'outstanding' by Ofsted at four inspections since 1996.






He attended the Universities of Leeds, Strasbourg and Sussex and was a teacher of English, Drama and French before becoming a music teacher in 1986.




The choir at Ifield Community College, which he directs, has an international reputation and has performed at major venues including St Mark’s in Venice and The Royal Festival Hall, London.

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"His flair and creativity are truly exceptional.."

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Patrick  Allen with Ifield Community College Choir members